About Marsupial Papers

No, we aren't Australian. We are Seattleites who felt that the stationery world and the world of mammals particular to Australia should somehow coincide. Inspired by mammals such as the kangaroo, we thought, why can’t stationery have pouches too? So we created our very own paper version—a small folder with a pouch. Then we made a whole bunch of sizes and shapes...then we added envelopes...then we added papers...then specialty printing, and well, you get the picture.

At Marsupial Papers we strive to be innovators of wedding invitation style and design. We create colorful envelopes, pockets and papers that inspire you and your clients to make beautiful custom invitations, elegant announcements and mailings. We refresh and revitalize the idea of stationery with our signature pouch-style envelopes and coordinated papers that truly make a lasting impact.

Marsupial Papers is part of Lemeda Group Inc.

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