Tissue Paper for Invitations

White Tissue

You’ve just spent a pretty penny on your wedding invitations, and they are so beautiful! You are getting ready to mail these beauties out, and you are wondering if you need tissue paper layered in between the pieces to protect them. You have seen that before when you received wedding invitations, so you wonder if this is something you need to do too.

The answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no. You do not need tissue if the invite is solo in the envelope, and your envelope is white or cream colored.  There is nothing that will cause ink to transfer on to your invite.

You do need tissue…

  • When you are mailing light colored invites in colored envelopes or with colored envelopes enclosed.  Not all paper is color fast. In the warmer months with higher humidity, color can rub off on to your invite, typically around the seams of the envelopes.
  • When you have a stamp, particularly a vintage stamp, on the enclosed RSVP return envelope. Inks that are used in the printing process of stamp making are oil based and never truly dry. Blue inks are the biggest offenders. When there is pressure on the surface of the stamp with another piece of paper, the inks can offset onto the other surface leaving a ghost image of the stamp on your invitation!
  • When your invitation is printed with an offset printing process like letterpress, raised ink (thermography), or flat offset printing. For the same reasons as the stamps, ink can come off since it is never fully dry.
  • When your invitations have been done with calligraphy. Not all calligraphy is an issue, but ask your calligrapher if this could be a potential problem when mailed.

If you are unsure, it is better to error on the side of buying some tissue to ensure your invites arrives in the same condition that you sent them out. It is inexpensive, pretty, and worth the little extra insurance. Simply layer the tissue over the face of each item in your suite to protect them from offsetting, stacking them from largest to smallest before inserting them into your mailing envelope.

We sell high quality acid-free tissue in various sizes to accommodate the different sized invitations, 5x7, 6x6, 4x6, 3.5x5. We can even custom cut them for you. All you have to do is indicate on the ordering page the size you need. Tissue is sold in packs of 100.

Happy stuffing!